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Wednesday, Apr 18 2012 - if u want something to change, change something......

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we have tried 3 juices so far in what the book calls a 1 wk intro to juicing. says by the end of the wk a person wd have a good sample of juices. thankfully rob has taken the bull by the horns u cd say & each day i have awakened to a fresh juice & oatmeal for breakfast. i had up till this monday just had a protien shake wen i leave for work for time constraints & due to the fact that i don't like to eat & drive. then around 9 at work i wd eat something for a couple hundred caloried. but it seemed i wd b hungary before that & remain hungary most of the day. over the w/e i read something about eating i thought was poetic....lol.....we should eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch & a beggar at dinner. so i thought about it & i have known for a long time we should eat less in the evening especially if like me u get home from work usually after 8 pm! so i thougt i wd give it a try & i'm not sure if the juice has anything to do with it which i doubt but i have not been hungary all day over the last 3 days & have done well with my calories?? go figure!! lol!!! anyhow hoping for a good weigh in nxt wk as i'm sure we all r!!! keep on keepin on & enjoy the ride!!! every step ur one closer to ur dreams!! good nite all & all the success u can imagine will b urz....believe & achieve it!!

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6 years ago

I am so glad you are enjoying the juicer!! You will have a great weigh in!




6 years ago

lol...long day hungry!!!! :-)