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Wednesday, May 9 2012 - life!!

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have been doing gr8 till the last 2 days & i have to get a grip. i always thought i wasn't an emotional eater but i think at times of extreme stress i can b. not on a daily or wkly basis but on occaison. our family has had a close member who since late last wk has been waiting to get a cancer diagnosis & prognosis. it either cd have been one of two types one of which was usually fatal so needless to say i'v been a little distracted. over the w/e i kept my mind bze riding my bike for close to an hr every day & some gardening but the last 2 days at the office i have eaten nothing but junk!! mon & wed have been crazy & the only thing that saved me tues was that i had an anual physical & had to do the fasting bloodwork at 10:30 so fasted thru the a.m.. prob's at the ofc oh crap the same kinda stuff we all go thru from time to time! i'm waiting for the w/e!! lol!!! wish me luck guys!! :-)

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6 years ago

Prayers that everything will be ok.
I am 100% an emotional eater too. But it sounds like you are doing things to keep you busy too, so not too bad!