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Saturday, Jun 2 2012 - life is good!!!

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well i'm feeling really good about myself today! :rock1: i have re commited to myself & my fitness finally! :clap: i have re joined my p.a.w. challenge & my exercise challenge! i had to do an interim weigh in on friday for the challenge & had lost 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!! :bigeyes3: just from a few days of making better choices!!! i have decided to close my fb page for fitness reasons!! lol!!! but seriously i spend a good portion of my work days with it open, not always on it but it's open & distracting. then at home on my 3 days off i can spend anywhere from 6-9 hrs in the mornings alone sitting at the computer!! :bang: i need to spend that time on other things & first on my list is moving!!! anyway, anyhow, doing anything :rolling1: ....but sitting at the computer!!!:nono2: i will miss alot of gr8 things about it but good health is one of the gr8est accomplishments in the world!!! :queen: same goes for evenings, i don't spend as much time then but i cd get up & do one of the 1,000 things i put off that will get me moving!!! :rolling1: i figured i wd send an email at least once a wk to my "real" freinds with pic's & stories & share life & love that way!! :heart2::heart2::heart2: it will consume much less time & will ALWAYS b positve!! :inlove1: everyone loves to get positive email!! :teeth1: lol!!! well that's all for now going out for the day!! hope each of u has a wonderful day & finds a reason to feel as good about urself as i feel about me today!!! if u really take a look i'm sure each of u have more than one reason to feel good about urself!!! :laugh5: so jst take a look.......... :thumbu2:



pic is bounty from our garden, eggplant parm & cucumber, yllw pear tomato salad...mmmm!!

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6 years ago

It's great you found your mojo again! Keep it up and that weight will start going down. Great work!:clap:

by JULES62



6 years ago

Good for you Nancey! :clap: