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watch everything

Saturday, November 3rd 2012

deciding yesterday that i had done enuff damage gaining half of my original loss back over the last 2 yrs & now close to where i was when i first came to ck, i thought i wd get back on it. took a 70 min. bike ride yesterday. ate grilled fish & broccoli for dinner had a seafood appetizer, then the crushing mistake, instead of ordering a starch i chose a blue cheese pecan salad with oil & balsamic on the side. i was happy there was not alot of cheese however disappointed that is was dr...

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mia is a bitch

Friday, November 2nd 2012

well sad to say my little sister passed this wk. when i got home from the keys & went to the hospital she was almost gone, then came back for a wk & left for heaven on monday. soo sad at only 52 yrs old. needless to say calories haven't been a concern & my wgt showed it. got on the scale today & was at 283!!!!!!!!!! on ward & back to work. more later xoxo