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Monday, Jan 28 2013 - the weigh back...

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today i vow to log every single thing i put in my mouth again!!! i lost 3 lbs this wk & don't know how......i mean i REALLY don't know how!! i finally rode my bike again after God knows how long cuz i sure don't remember!! oh i almost forgot i looked at 17 new office locations so that may have helped in the 3 lbs & i walked the edison, ford estates in fort meyers (which was a great place to visit) for rob's mom's 73rd birthday prob at least a couple miles!!! i have to say it just once to those who wd understand i'm frkn miserable in my body right now!! i know why & how i got here & i can't wait to get back outta of it!!! lol!!! well today is a me day i took the day off & i'm getting my nails (both) done & my eyebrows all things i have not done in 2 months+!!! holy cow!!!! i'm taking time for me this yr period the end!!!!! lol!!!! deb, nicole, patti, ed, laura, beej i love u each of u and all the support & freindship u have & continue to give me!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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5 years ago

Well it sounds like you kept movin' that is how you lost those 3 lbs... Be proud of them no matter how they fell off :)
Thank you so so so so so so much for the wonderful note you left me. I have so much faith in you that it is hard not to support you. You make me smile my friend :)
I can't wait for the cruise, I don't think all the family will come but that's ok I will still enjoy being away from everything lol...




5 years ago

Great job on your loss. Its nice to get those unexpected jolts to our motivation!




5 years ago

I'll vow with you to log EVERYTHING. I've been so lazy with logging lately... which explains the gain. Good for you with the 3lb loss, even if it was incidental :)