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Sunday, Feb 24 2013 - carnival triumph......for me!!

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rob & i went to the fair today, a first for us. neither of us are crazy about big crowds & have never in our 12 yrs gone to a fair. we've gone to a few little carnivals over the years just never a county fair. over the last decade there has been a number of fair foods i have wanted to try but have never made or tasted any of them..... rob & i have even talked about wanting to try them a few times over the yrs. 1) fried twinkie 2) fried oreos 3) fried snickers. normally we get a funnel cake once every 3 yrs or so when we go to a local festival. well today was a day let me tell ya bcuz we tried all of the above........ every single one of them!!! to top that off as horribly as i ate today i didn't go over my calories!!! i had a good breakfast but waited till 10 am to eat even though i got up at 6:30, then we ate lunch at the fair & we had 3 catfish finger & half a cup of macaroni & cheese(we shared). then we walked from one end to the other of the fair & checked out all the 4-h entries (actually very cool) we were trying to at least b reasonable to some extent so we bought a single order of each then ate 2 or 3 bites a piece of each item & threw the rest out! lol!!! we both really wanted to try it all so we felt one really good taste was all we needed .......well allmost the red velvet funnel cake we each ate a little more than a 3rd of that! i loved the snickers so i threw it away very quickly! i kno it was a huge waste of $$ which i usually don't do but we both felt we were saving our health & it was well worth it! then we had a light dinner & i'm all good with calories left!!!!!! yea!!!!

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