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Wednesday, Jun 12 2013 - getting back to it.......

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working my way back to me baby, with a burning love inside....doo doo doo!! lol!! i can hear the melody in my head! hahahaha! trying so hard to get back to the 1500 cals a day, having some success & def doing better than i had been but not quite there yet. i'v been eating much healthier but not quite cutting the mustard on the 1500 cals. i'v decided that this is not going anywhere fast so rather than weigh myself every wk i will weigh myself the begining of ever month. i didn't get here in a wk & i have a bad tendancy to "celebrate" usually with a treat! wth!! i know & i don't get it either but it is a habit i must break. y i wd have a celebration of losing wgt with some sugary crap is beyond me & why i'v gained back 60 lbs in the last 3 yrs!! i believe in myself & i didn't quit smoking overnight either but i did do it after close to 40 yrs so i know i can do this. one thing fla quitline taught me about quitting was to change habits that u associate with the undesired habit, thus the once a month weigh in. that way i won't have a 4 lb loss for the wk followed by a treat!! lol!!! wow the light does still work up there in my head!!! lol!!! hope u find a reason to celebrate today.....jst not with bad food!!! :-)

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5 years ago

I have also considered weighing myself less frequently, but am considering every 2 weeks. Currently I weigh-in ea. Monday, but I get frustrated sometimes too. Are you getting in good exercise? I made a list of rewards for myself that don't include food. That has helped a lot.

Every day is a celebration. Cheers to better health, better outlook, and a happier you. You can do it!!



5 years ago

:wave1: Nice to see your smiling face. :kiss: