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Thursday, Jan 9 2014 - jst another day........ i think not!!!!!

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well the last 2 nites no exercise and about that i'm not too happy! been battling a lung infection that of course brought a horrendous cough with it to the point that i had to adjust my bed to an almost sitting position to sleep!! darn it!! i promised myself 150 min of movin' this wk and if i have to do it all in a 3 day w/e then i will!!! trying hard to get back into the logging and counting routine & it's coming along but not where i want it to be yet!! i have left work twice early this wk which is a major accomplishment in itself in the journey to make more time for me however it is a work in progress!!! gtg do my diary for yesterday :-( to catch up & start my work!! lol!! love every single person who has shown me love, support & encouragement for the last few yrs!!! soooooo much looooovvvveeee i have for each of u!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox ty ty ty!!!!!!

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4 years ago

Take care of yourself. You will get back into the routine. Good to see you!




4 years ago

Feel better....