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Saturday, Jan 11 2014 - old habits die hard.......

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well the last couple days were not good days for food, yesterday we drove across state to visit family in from tx and needless to say after 7 hrs of driving and cocktails, fast food as once we have drinks my family doesn't eat food they snack so no one has to cook then when it's time to come home rob & i are famished and get fast food again :-( then there's still some cookies from Christmas ....... ughhhhhh!! in the trash is where they will b after the w/e so rob better get his fill cause i jst don't do well with cookies sitting on the counter :-( i of course didn't want to log the bad days but i forced myself to look my demon in the eyes and log anyway!! it was a bittersweet logging glad i didn't deny what i ate but not happy that i ate & drank the way i did. i will get back on track, i will get back on track, i will get back on track...hahahaha!! needless to say traveling all day and sitting with fam left no exercise time but theres today!!!!! wish me luck!! xoxoxoxo

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4 years ago

November, December and January are though months. Prepping for the holidays and then finishing up the holidays are a killer...
Baby steps all the way!