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Friday, Mar 14 2014 - get on track fitness....

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well i met with the fitness and nutrition coach and he said some very interesting things to me that in all my years of trying to get fit and stay there i had never heard. he has a different thought on how we should feed our bodies and it seems like something i can do. he has 2 main rules if u want his help #1 we must eat 5-7 times a day and rule #2 u must eat every 2-3 hours and not a single second past 3 hours. if we don't commit to those two things he can't help. i sd heck that i can do! lol!! he printed out the meal plan all with everyday foods and simple to order out or go out on. it's a 2,2 & 3 plan, 2 days level (moderate carbs and fat) calories (1400-1500) 3 days low cal low fat 1000 cal, then 2 days hi fat no carb. 2500 cals. there's a whole system and very particular foods to eat but the gr8 news was it's all stuff i eat and a few i gave up thinking it wd help me lose wgt! lol! the whole plan has me about 2500 cals less weekly than cal king suggests for my size and alot closer to what my dr wd like to c! hahaha!! he also STRONGLY suggest 1 hr a day on the treadmill but with specific care to monitor you heart rate. however he did say that exercise or not the wgt wd come off on just the meal plan but alot of healthful benefits wd not be attained without the exercise. my first night on the treadmill the rate was so slow to keep the heart rate but i did the whole hr, well less 7 min which is when the treadmill went kaflooy! lol!! rob oiled it today and i'm getting ready to head that way to see if it's fixed or i need a new one. i have a good feeling that the extra set of watchful eyes and the strict directions on eating will really put me back on track and more!!! left to my own devices i just go crazy!!! lol!!! one draw back no pasta ever!! no sweets ever!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! maybe as time goes on that will change?? either way i'm waaaayyyyyy in!!!! hope everyone is finding their paths and enjoying them!!! be kind to you today and everyday!!! ur precious and special!!! xoxoxo

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4 years ago

That sounds great Nancey. :clap:
I'm looking forward to your updates. :kiss:




4 years ago

Sounds good! Glad you are all in - work it girl and it will work. Cheers, Karen




4 years ago

Good for you, I hope with his help it is the guidance you need.... WTG.