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Saturday, Mar 15 2014 - i love my calorie king friends!!!

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patti, karen & deb you all mean alot to me!! i want to shout it our to the world!! this journey has been going on for years and you guys have encouraged, supported and given great advice all through it! that's exactly why i stay here and keep on keeping on ..... because of people like you that don't judge, stick with u whether your up or down, on or off!! i will be so happy to join u guys, being someone who is on much more than off!! hahaha!!! it put a smile on my face and made me feel so good today to see your messages!! i love each of you!!!
today is a high fat day and i had eggs and sausage for breakfast whoo hooo!! i have to honestly say the 1,000 calorie days weren't bad at all!!! such a surprise to me, i thought i wd be starving all day and i TOTALLY wasn't?!! treadmill barely made it the hour but we both did!! the bummer is to keep my heart rate where the coach wants it i have to walk 1 mph for about the first 30 min then slow to .9 mph & finally .7 mph to maintain it. the treadmill doesn't understand going that slow!!! lmbo!!! hopefully we won't have to fight our way through it today!! rob did 30 min 2 mph and it worked fine! darn it!! lol!!! i will find a way to work it out!! lol!!! coach want 60 min and that's what i'm going to do!!! again thank you all for all your support!!! have a beautiful w/e!! xoxoxo :love: :love: :love:

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4 years ago

LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!




4 years ago