i love this eating plan!!

Thursday, June 26th 2014

the coach i see about fitness and nutrition gave me this plan and it is REALLY working!! i have given this the true test and over 90+days! with 2 surgery's this yr i have not been able to keep any kind of exercise routine so it's about non-existent for me for maybe another wk or 2 at most according to pt specialist. i haven't been posting as i stated before he only gave me 3 meal plans for each week and they don't change at this point any way. 1. hi cal hi fat days-2,500 calories (2 a wk), 2. eq...

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saw the coach today!

Monday, June 16th 2014

whoo hooo!! rotator cuff surgery is moving right along although i am still unable to do the 1 hr a day on the treadmill i should be back at it in no longer than 11 days!! i was still able to lose another 3.8 lbs this wk and i went in 2 days earlier than normal so i was very happy! the coach said "u must have the food down now" "u must eat precisely" i was very happy to say i do!! he sd he can tell from the fact that i'm still losing consistently with no exercise! one day at a...

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another visit to my fitness coach!!

Wednesday, June 4th 2014

well i was down under 300 today!!! the coach and i had to laugh bcuz my weight was 299.8!! JUST under 300!! all in all i have been very satisfied with the eating plan and have been able to stick to it!! in the last 10 wks i've lost 29 lbs!! the gr8 thing about this is due to the surgery i haven't been able to do my time on the treadmill (an hour a day) so all that is simply the eating plan. next week i should be able to start walking on the treadmill again and i can only hope that will increase ...

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yea!!!! it's working!!

Wednesday, May 21st 2014

i saw the nutrition coach today and am down 6.8 lbs!!!! whooo hoooo!!!! that's a total of 23.4 lbs in the last 8 wks!! whooo hoooo!!!!! guess last visit was due to all the meds and swelling etc from the surgery!!! all that without the ability to exercise the past 3 1/2 wks!!! i'm anxious to see how i do when i can get back on the treadmill!!! this surgery has been horrible and very painful as for the recovery!! hate the meds and hate having one hand i can use however on the bright side i made a ...

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crazy stuff???

Thursday, May 8th 2014

ok i gained 2.6 lbs this time around and i have eaten perfectly??? i think the coach thought i wasn't being honest about my food but i was!!! i have been in a chair for close to two weeks taking pain meds and only working a few hrs a wk since my rotator cuff surgery but i have eaten perfectly even on the day of my surgery??? i cant' imagine how i wd have gained???? i have been a little "backed up" from all the pain meds but that's about over after today so that may have contributed but...

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