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So who am I? A diabetic that wishes he can drink his Mountain Dew, enjoy his Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Linguica, and Steak and Cheese Subs. I am a sleep apnea kinda guy that wishes he could sleep with out the aid of a machine so Nic can stand being in the same bed with me (machine free). I am a father of 3 who wished I could go hiking with Nate more and have more energy for Mark, and will be around for Riley's wedding (when she's the ripe age of 57). I am a member of the 501st who wished I can ... Read more

Thursday, July 16th 2015

Still at 261. A1C is out of control. Going to work on taking this more seriously (again). 100 pounds to go, 1 pound at a time.

Happy New Year

Thursday, January 2nd 2014

So here I am. In a crappy situation at work. Waiting for the pink slip. Vacation was great. Stomache began doing the flips this morning as I trudged myself out of bed. My friend Melissa told me she was borderline diabetic and has to loose weight. I wish I could help her, motivate her, go through it with her - but her life has taken her to a different place than me. I hope she is happy. I wish her well.

I've gained 6 lbs in the past month. Not too bad considering the holidays. I'...

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Thanksgiving - 5 days and counting.

Saturday, November 23rd 2013

So. It's almost been a year. 25 lbs. I had hoped to be 100. Such is life. My lowest weight this year was 234. So I'm not too far away from that now. 25 lbs steady. I've had ups and downs, but I think this is a good new starting place.

80 more pounds to go. I hope to drop another 20 between now and New Years. Be the lowest I've been in a long time. I've lost focus and desire. Work sucks. It's a paycheck at this point. But it will pass. The whole system is in the crapper. I'm ...

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Out of control

Monday, October 14th 2013

So, here I am again. School has started. School has become a paycheck for now. I am stressed out beyond belief. Eating all the wrong foods for comfort. Too tired to exercise. Feel like crap. And my attitude is "I don't care." It has almost been a year since I started this, and I am almost back to were I started from.

So I am going to try to refocus myself. Try to get back on track. And it will start with using the food diary again.

Let's go at it again

Sunday, May 26th 2013

SO, back again. I was in the low 230's, now weighed today at 250.4. Have gotten away from my medication, recording what I eat, exercising, avoiding school cafeteria lunches, keeping track of everything. And why am I surprised i'm gaining weight again? no idea. I do know the cheddar burgers at McDonalds are like crack. They are cheap and tasty. And very bad for me.

I started my running again today. Feel light headed and dizzy. Not sure why. Exertion? lack of meds? Improper nutrit...

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