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Friday, Jan 18 2013 - Ah, the diet FLU

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So I've lost 19 pounds since November. I had a little bump up in weight due to Christmas, but overall, I'm down 19. 1 pound away from my first goal.

My A1C1 was not where I hoped it would be. Due to the holidays, and my laziness, it is back up over 7. :bang: Going to have it rechecked in 3 months. So here's to hoping. But at least my sugar levels for the past 2 weeks were great.

I am so under calories it is scarey. I'm going to see a nutritionist in a week to figure out a way to round out my diet. I'm eating huge salads so I'm not hungry, but they aren't giving me the protein levels I think I need. I could round them off with chicken or beef, but then that isn't going to help me break my overeating habits of those yummy little rascals.

So I haven't really eaten over the past few days due to having the flu. It went through the house, and I was the last to get it. Lost another 4 pounds because of it, but I don't expect that to stay off- once I start eating again.

Now trying to get back into the eating right routine again. I don't know why I feel depressed over this. I feel like I am going to fail and should just give it up and head to Burger King. But I won't. I've just got to get over this pity party. I know no one will really read this. It's kinda good in a way. This way I don't feel like I am writing to an audience. Just to the future me.

But know if Nicole reads this, she'll be my audience. This is me and her :kiss:

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