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Major Set Back in Logging!!

Wednesday, October 7th 2015

So I haven't logged anything in over 2 and half weeks. I haven't even been on Calorie King that long and I've missed it. Work was at an all time high for stress level for 2 weeks, working 14 to 16 hours a day for 16 days straight. WOW!!! Talk about a blow to my personal life. BAM!!

Work is settling down after the government fiscal year end, so I can get back on the train of taking care of myself and to somewhat normal work routine.

So I weight myself this evening for the first time sin...

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Can't Sleep......

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

Woke up at midnight, stressed out from work with everything on my massive "to do" list. I know I'll get it all done but it eats away at me until it gets done. *SIGH*

Logged everything I ate today again. Not happy about the calories but happy that I logged it all. The notebook idea has been working great to help me remember everything I've eaten throughout the day.

I finally got a scale and food scale ordered from Amazon and should be here by Friday.

Not much to share to...

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I'm really excited about this......

Monday, September 21st 2015

Good Day All!

I was very proud of myself yesterday and today, even though I'm eating all the wrong things in all the wrong quantities, busting my target at lunch time, I'm still logging it. Proud of myself for being honest with myself, always the first step, and the only way to move forward.

I took my lunch hour today and started reading some of the articles here on CalorieKing. Got me a little motivated and wanting to do better. I've been on and off of CalorieKing for about 10 years a...

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Minor Set Back

Sunday, September 20th 2015

Well I haven't logged since Thursday because I ended up with a serious stomach flu for three days. Feel much better this evening though. I went grocery shopping, made all my breakfasts for the week, developed a menu for the whole week for dinners, made 2 gallons of homemade iced tea so I don't drink soda all week, then prepackaged all my snacks for the week. So still feeling motivated and started planning meals a week in advanced.

Have a great week!! =D...

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Thursday, September 17th 2015

Well, I did it, got my full day logged. Calories aren't pretty, but I was honest about everything I ate and drank, and logged it all, even the water I drank. So need to keep this up and start working on what I consume.

Loved the suggestions I received from yesterday's blog, so thank you very much ladies, I greatly appreciate your input.

I really need to start planning meals better, making lunches and pulling dinner out the night before. One of my favorite quotes from Benjamin Franklin...

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