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Sunday, May 30 2004

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From the "Binge Support" forum -

"I rarely binge, and I'm not sure that what happened this weekend even really counts as a binge, but since its so unusual for me, and it makes me feel so badly, I thought I'd post. I also need to journal about it.

I ate about 500 cals over on Saturday and 200 over today. Okay, even typing that out puts it in some perspective for me. Its hardly the end of the world. At worst I went over maintenance level cals on Saturday by about 100, and didn't go over maintenance levels on today, so I hardly did irredemable damage. But I also don't want to dismiss it for fear that it will happen again.

I *think* I'm worried about my upcoming surgery (6/3), and am just worn down by the two weeks of dreary rain we've had. I think that's the problem.

What worries me is that I've never used food before as a anti-anxiety tool. I DO NOT WANT TO START. I've overcome several other unhealthy coping mechanisms and don't want to start using food as one.

What to do? Well, no more food tonight - which would have been ice cream, so eliminating that is a good but hard first step. I'll work out tomorrow morning as usual. And tomorrow will be back to normal."

I'm glad I posted what I was feeling. I need to process this weekend but I'm glad I stopped and put the breaks on (not just on the eating, but on my thoughts/emotions) instead of just writing today off.

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