LYNNABEL's May 2004 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, May 31st 2004

Before I write about today, I wanted to record that yesterday, I turned to S for comfort, and it – gasp – helped. I’m so conscious of not wanting to be a “downer” that I often don’t share my downs. Which I do feel are excessive. I’m glad I did.

I decided to come into work today since I’ll be off part of this week and all of next week. I slept in, which I felt guilty about, but I did work out once I got up, and although I wasn’t enthusiastic about it before and during, I felt great ...

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Sunday, May 30th 2004

From the "Binge Support" forum -

"I rarely binge, and I'm not sure that what happened this weekend even really counts as a binge, but since its so unusual for me, and it makes me feel so badly, I thought I'd post. I also need to journal about it.

I ate about 500 cals over on Saturday and 200 over today. Okay, even typing that out puts it in some perspective for me. Its hardly the end of the world. At worst I went over maintenance level cals on Saturday by about 100, and ...

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Saturday, May 29th 2004

It’s a rainy, dreary Saturday morning. We’re going to have lunch at the Carousel restaurant in about an hour. The Carousel is a restaurant at the top of a Radisson hotel in downtown, and part of it moves in a circular motion. I went up to the top floor of the Radisson during my conference the other week to take a look and was so enamored of the view. You can see both directions down the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers - truly beautiful. We’re going to see if that restaurant might be the one ...

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Wednesday, May 26th 2004

I have a feeling in my stomach - a nervous feeling - is something going to happen? I have lots of down time today so I should be able to journal periodically. I'm glad that this has become part of my routine. I still don't know why I post this publically since there are very private things that I write about - I suppose it is comforting to me to know that what I'm writing is being heard by someone somwhere. And of course, I find it much easier to write openly about deeply personal things for peo...

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Tuesday, May 25th 2004

Today has been much more even-keeled emotionally and thought-wise. I feel less desperate today. Should I try to relive those feelings from this weekend so I can write more about them? That seems like the responsible thing to do – more so than yesterday’s entry at least. But I just don’t’ want to relive it right now. Experiencing it was enough. Wasn’t it?

I was especially concerned about how I was feeling because it seemed to be affecting my interactions with S, and that is something I ...

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