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Wednesday, May 12th 2004

I may add to this later on if I have time and emotional energy.

I just spent an 45 minutes or so telling S about nearly everything I've been thinking and journaling about lately relating to work and self imagine. I spent the day today at the conference and found it very difficult - I experienced that I call panic attacks (they don't quite have the highened anxiety as much as profound discomfort and depression), and it was due in part to wirling thoughts about career and observations of the ...

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Tuesday, May 11th 2004

Just a short note today. I spent the morning and afternoon working and then went to the volunteer meeting for the conference this evening. This will be a full rest of the week.

I ate a regular breakfast, then had a few veggies and dip and some M&Ms at the morning meeting. Didn't eat lunch, and then had 3 pieces of pizza for dinner at the volunteer meeting. Not the best decision making, but I feel as if I exerted some damage control since I'm only over cals by 13. If the estimations are ...

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Monday, May 10th 2004

This weekend went way too quickly. S and I spent 2 1/2 (!) hours at Menards on Sunday buying various yard and lawn and deck and house things. Money. Again. We had a great time though - I love that we have a great time together no matter what we are doing. I hope our laughter never goes away. On Sunday we bought edging for the yard, and grass seed, and we've resolved to make the lawn beautiful or else.

We had a lovely departments as well. I've said this befo...

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Saturday, May 8th 2004

More later, but I just checked in. 128 again. And up slightly on a few measurements. I do have my period. But I'm tired - I've been doing this very faithfully since July of last year. Perahps I need to think about maintaining for a while since that's what I seem to be doing anyway. I need to think about this.

Friday, May 7th 2004

I spent the morning today at the corporate office working on a variety of forms that need fixing and updating. I enjoyed it. I enjoy that type of work. I think that in many ways the AII job was very good for me. That is something I haven’t addressed in journaling yet at all.

As best as I can remember, the proposal process was going very well from my standpoint. I was reporting to the executive vp of sales who lived in California, who had no time for me and was actually an ass, after sever...

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