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Friday, Jul 16 2004

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Today is my last day at the group home. I am so restless. In fact, I’m staying just so I can say goodbye to my two afternoon staff who I think would be very hurt if I didn’t stay. Otherwise I’d be out of here. Forty five more minutes. Ugh.

I am anxious to go. I think I’ve just been processing the idea of leaving for so long that I can’t really feel anything right now except that this is the right thing to do.

Just got a call from a person who didn’t identify themselves who started railing on me because they had filled out an application three months ago and hadn’t heard back. I need to remember this if I ever think I miss this job – first off all, I’m sure that we did try to contact that person, but it never occurred to them that when their number changes (as they always do) to tell us. Secondly, this is an individual group home – they were provided with the correct number to call when they filled out the application. Thirdly, when I go to give them the correct number to call, THEY NEVER HAVE A PEN. NEVER. NOT ONCE. See – its good that I’m leaving this job if such small things can bother me so much.

I am mildly worried – I am sleepy. And I am usually sleepy around noon. Sleepy enough that I could easily take a 2 hours nap. It is not rare for me to happily take a two hour name and then sleep 7-8 (even more) hours a night. What is wrong? I think that is just too much sleep. I wonder if something is wrong me with?

What also worries me is the change in my schedule – I won’t be able to just leave and take a nap when I get tired (obviously) at my new job. I hope I can do this.

I tried on a dress today that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t buy- but was mildly pleased at how good it looked on me. I think I’m ready to go dress shopping tomorrow.

I can’t focus.

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