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Sunday, Jul 18 2004

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Well, I start my new job tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it, and am not nervous. I’ll be meeting C early for training, then I have a corporate orientation, and then C for the rest of the day. It will be good to see her again.

My staff gave me a clock, engraved with “Lynn - You will be missed. Good Luck. Brunswick”. It is beautiful, and I was very touched at how sad they seemed to have me leave. I left two of them crying on Friday afternoon when I left. And L, my old supervisor, IM’ed me a few times to tell me she would miss me. I think I'm leaving that job on very good terms, which feels wonderful.

S and I worked on the lawn today and we painted the front of the house - the brown rocks/bricks. And it looks great, I have to say. I took a nap and worked out.

I can’t write much tonight even though I should because I don’t know if I can focus. But - I weighed 130 at my weigh in on Saturday and it really upset me for a while. I posted on CK about it and got some good feedback. I’m just buckling down again and I hope it goes away soon. I can’t handle much more anxiety right now - I never seem to stop thinking about the wedding. I need a dress. I need a dress soon. ARGGG.

And, K’s wedding is next Saturday and that will be a anxiety attack in and of itself. At least Steve will be there with me. Oh dear. More and more to worry about. My thinking is so fragmented right now.

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