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Wednesday, Nov 24 2004

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I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. S, the puppy, the kitties, and time off! How wonderful.

We just had a group/department lunch from the Olive Garden. I ate too much, but it was sooo good. Its nice to have my big meal be in the middle of the day instead of at the end like usual. I'll eat light tonight and will be in my calorie range.

We've had a casual/haphazard sort of day here. I'm moving cubes which is wonderful since right now I'm on a corner that in the middle of all traffic, which means I can't spend nearly as much time online as I'd like! :) It also will keep me from overhearing the intolerant, biggotted conversations of the woman next to me. I was telling S last night that if she said these things TO me, I could tell her how uncomfortable it makes me, but she's not saying to me - she's saying it to people on the phone, so it makes it pretty hard for me to request she cease.

I'm working on not letting these things affect me so negatively.

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