LYNNABEL's Dec 2004 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, December 31st 2004

Just read Courtney’s journal and it was so beautiful. Her sense of wonder and possibility and bitter-sweetness about the world and “home” (wherever that is for us)…I felt myself yearning with her.

Wonder and possibility. Wonder and possibility.

I am trying to change my emotional/internal direction when I feel myself heading down a path that doesn’t have wonder and possibility. I don’t know if this is the most effective thing – but I am trying.

Wonder and possibility. Life d...

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Thursday, December 30th 2004

This will only be amusing to the ladies out there - but I've been wondering why I've been all puffy all day. Well, duh. I'm off the pill now and about 2 hours from getting my period (which I haven't had in months - I took the b/c pills back to back). So, how fun! I get to puffy, bloated, and crampy. LOL.

Wait, maybe I shouldn't weigh in this Saturday, then? Agh. What to do? I don't want to discourage myself unnecessarily. But I think I will. I'll live. I will live. The only truly hor...

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Wednesday, December 29th 2004

Wow. Anxiety this morning. Why? Let’s see…there’s an auditor in who is talking to the coworker that I’m not fond of and it bothers me. Why? Because she’s talking to her? Because the system is messed up? Because CW (coworker) doesn’t acknowledge that anyone else does anything in the department? Do I feel threatened? Yes. Okay, then. Why? I should be in charge? I don’t really want to be. Part of my responsibilities are quality process documentation, so yes, it does feel like I’m being left...

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Monday, December 27th 2004

I am home from OKC. Christmas was really nice - it was good to see my family. I miss them tons. Ripple did so well with Shep. And S did very well with everyone. I knew he would but it was still nice to see. He said he was very touched by the personal-ness of the gifts he received. Steph and Joel left on Sunday morning (after S and I) for their skiing trip, and then Mom and Dad were going to leave after them to see Grandma in Indy. I feel a bit sad, like I do sometimes, after seeing them. I miss ...

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Tuesday, December 21st 2004

S is in La Crosse tonight trying to straighten out the unpleasant situation with his renter. I need to find a way to be more helpful with that issue. Its just that there isn't much I can do besides be a constructive listener. You know - sometimes I think our roles are reversed when it comes to listening styles - I try to offer constructive feedback (which is what men usually do - and usually isn't what women want - we usually want someone to listen and just sympathize) and he is better at sympat...

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