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Saturday, Jan 22 2005

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Thank goodness - down a pound! 133! I saw 132 a few times, but its so hard to tell on my scale - minute crosshairs. You can really only see that you are dead center between two 5lb increments. So, it could be 132.5, but I'd rather go with 133. I even feel a bit puffy, so perhaps there's some water weight there. I was so terrified to get on the scale. I dont' like that - because it means that I'm really scared of how I'll feel if I don't like what I see. And I don't want that to be the case. I want to care, yes, but not fall apart. And I dont' think I do, really, but I do feel pretty badly when its not what I hoped for. I told myself before I got on - even if its 135, you will keep doing what you're doing.

GJ: I am grateful for a Saturday of cleaning and shopping and enjoying not working. I am grateful that even though I still can't sit and just read (post smoking concentration issues), I can move and do things without my day revolving around various addicitions.

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