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Saturday, Jan 29 2005

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No weight loss this week, but I did lose measurement-wise, so I'm happy. It means that the no-weight-loss is either muscle or water retention. Have the house to myself today and am enjoying it so far. Its a bit dreary out. I am going to allow myself more calories today if I end up wanting them. If I don't, fine. But they're there if I do.

My workout yesterday went well - I was able to up some of my weights fairly easily. And I eliminated a duplicate machine I didn't realize I was using, which I like, becuase it means that my weight workout takes about 25 minutes, which leaves me time to do a bit on the treadmill or the like. Since I do what is for me a pretty intense cardio workout twice a week that is 50 minutes long, I like having shorter workouts on the other days. BUT - next week I'm going to take a class or two since they're finally offering some that I can actually take (most classes seem to be in the moring and the ones in the afternoon/evening aren't anything I want to take). So - I'm looking forward to that change. I am REALLY realizing how critical variety is. I used to think, same-old, same-old and got slightly OCD about it, but I am realizing that for me, variety is what keeps it fresh. Duh, Lynn.

I am going to get dressed, go to the library and get some dog food. And then, who knows, maybe treat myself to a trip to TurnStyle and then home for relaxing and a self-pedicure. And a nap. I love naps.


TONS of thoughts and feelings today. Am at a loss as to whether to write them out or not. Do not know what would be best for me - to acknowledge them or not. I don't trust their timing - they may be more hormonally-based than not - but since I've never been able to just toss things off because of the time of month they occur, I can't seem to do that now. Agh...I miss my sister. I think not writing is best right now. Maybe I'll reach out to friends later on today.

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