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Friday, Mar 25 2005

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Week 8 today!

Got tons done here at work this morning and am now waning. This seems to be a pattern the last few days. The wrist bands are helping tons, but I still don't feel "right." I told S this last night and then I said, "I don't know why I'm afraid for anyone to think I feel GOOD." He said, "Its okay - I'll still ask, and care, and love you if you don't feel sick." And oddly enough, that's exactly what I needed to hear. I know I'm getting to be annoying to others. But - love me or leave me? I don't know. No, don't leave. Just grit your teeth for a bit.

I'm getting fat! I pointed this out to Steve - and I NEVER point this out to Steve - I HATE that tendency in women "Do I look fat? I've gained SO much weight? Do you still love me when I"m fat?" etc. but since I don't cry wolf EVER, he really went overbaord trying to tell me that a) I wasn't fat and b) fat is good for the baby. I had to laugh. Because what a contradiction. Maybe I'll weigh myself tomorrow. Maybe not.

Will this week ever end? Its only 10:30.

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