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Monday, March 21st 2005

The usual refrain this morning - I feel crummy. This weekend was amazing in a bad way - I spent the vast majority of it in bed. Not because it felt good to be in bed, but because it felt even worse to be standing up. I finally actually threw up about 3pm on Sunday and, of course, felt better for a bit. But back to the nausea this morning. S said, "I'm beginning to hold a grudge against this baby." I had to laugh. We watched a program on the Discovery channel called "Conception to ...

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Thursday, March 17th 2005

How is it possible to be happy and sad, excited and tired, upset and serene all at once? I have always run the gamit of emotions, but usually only one at a time. Today I'm feeling EVERYTHING and EVERY WAY. Physically, I feel like I have a hangover. With hot flashes.

I love my very sweet husband. We have lots of things to decide and think about with our baby, but for the first time today I feel excited and hopeful instead of akward and distressed about all the things we need to do.


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Tuesday, March 15th 2005

I copy and paste my CK journal entries into my personal journal here at home, so I feel the need to explain the amount of food, exercise, and weight related issues. In a 100 years when "they" are reading my journal and wondering why I was so obsessed with weight and calories and exercise - I need a way to remind them of CK. So, there, posterity. Consider yourself reminded.

I need to reign in my eating. I have been logging again since Sunday, which is good, although my numbers aren...

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Monday, March 14th 2005

I feel at 90% today. I am so thankful. I swear, if I don't feel any worse than this, I won't complain until I'm in labor. I do, however, reserve the right to complain then. :)


I can't believe my energy level today - it feels so wonderful. I wonder if what I had wasn't more than morning sickness. Isn't it strange that morning sickness would go away after a week? Oh well, I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I went to the gym! And did a whopping 25 minutes of cardio. Not im...

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Sunday, March 13th 2005

Tonight is the most normal I've felt in a week. I actually feel pretty good physically. Emotionally - that is a trainwreck right now.

In the interests of full disclosure I haven't been logging my food. I'm guessing I'm not too far above or below 1600, but guessing is what gets people - me - in trouble. So I will need to begin logging again. Assuming I still feel relatively normal this coming week, I will try to get to the gym at least three times. If all I do is 20-30 minutes, that is just ...

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