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Saturday, April 30th 2005

To quote Amy, "Bah." It is 3:45am and I can't sleep. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be commenting on it. So I thought I'd write a bit to see if that helped.

Its been an un-fun last 24 hours. And I'm realizing that I'm embarrassed (ashamed?) and certainly self conscious to write about what made it so unpleasant. But I will, because. I don't know - its 3:45am? (“Its 3am, I must be lonely” to quote Matchbox 20).

Steve and I got in a fight of sorts because of what I thought was a ri...

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Thursday, April 28th 2005

Pet Peeve: When bad communicators assume that YOU've misunderstood THEM, NOT that THEY communicate so poorly that their intention couldn't have been understood no matter how much background information you've got. If I default to blaming myself when miscommunciation happens, WHY CAN'T THEY? I swear, if they could bottle the kind of self assuredness (or, more accurately, sheer arrogance) of so many of the people I interact with on daily basis, somebody'd be rich. Okay. Got that out.

Side not...

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Wednesday, April 27th 2005

I worked out again today. I'm on a roll. (Said a bit sarcastically, but pleased none the less). My lung capacity is definity down, but that's to be expected. I'm still not logging food the way I should - I can't figure out what in my way.

I actually ate fish for dinner tonight - salmon. I'm not supposed to have too much due to the mercury in fish right now (what a wonderful commentary on our environment, huh? That we need to worry about deformities to our unborn children because of polution...

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Tuesday, April 26th 2005

I worked out yesterday! I'm so vastly impressed with myself. :) S and I went after dinner. It was nice. I actually felt pretty horrible afterwards, but that's what I get for a) not doing it in a while and b) being pregnant and have no internal temperature control right now. I always have to ask if its hot or if its me. 9/10 its me.

We (S and I) have been very attached to each other lately - more so than usual. He kept saying how much he missed me when he spent the night at his friend's this ...

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Sunday, April 24th 2005

It is Sunday morning. I can't decide if I want to go to church or not. I probably would really enjoy it especially after this past week - a place of love and tolerance and questioning is always so fulfilling after a week of shoulds and absolutes. I had to laugh when the new Pope talked about how evil "relativism" is because I AM relativism. I am the definition of the word. And I think the world is just too complex and beautiful and frightening and rich to be either black or white as I'...

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