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Saturday, May 14 2005

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Yesterday was the end of Week 15.

S thinks we're having twins! I don't think so, but its fun and scary to think about. I didn't really press him as to why he thinks this but it can only be one of the following a) he thinks I'm huge or b) he thinks only a person pregnant with 2 babies would act/feel the way I do. It makes me laugh - poor S. I asked him why we haven't heard two heartbeats and he pointed out, reasonably, that if you're only looking for one, you stop when you find it. Could be. We'll know for sure at week 20. Have I mentioned I can't wait!? Anway - even if he thinks I resemble a beached whale, he seems to really enjoy beached whales. I know I'm digging my beached whale self right now. :)

I woke up yesterday, went out of the bedroom into the blue room to kiss him good morning and nearly threw up on him not 1/2 a second after kissing him. I had to RUN to the bathroom and I barely made it. What a nice way to have someone say good morning to you! :) I laughed about it all day. Took away from the depression of realizing I still have some morning sickness.

He is in LaCross again - he left this morning and will be back on Monday. So - I've got a whole weekend to be as lazy as I want to be! Yippee! I think I'll go looking for maternity pants. I still don't really look pregnant but screw (sorry about the language, walnut) it - I just want to be comfortable. I decided I'm going to buy grannie underwear too. I got a bigger bra the other day but have misplaced it. The pregnancy fairy took it like she has taken tons of other things. I've gently suggested to myself that it may actually be ME losing things, but I don't really believe that. Anyway - the bra - I am so paranoid about my cup size going up - so I was thrilled that all that went up was the chest circumfrance - from 34 to 36. I can live with that - that will go away when I lose weight after the baby, but if my cup size goes up, it stays up. I know this from past history and am uninterested in another breast reduction surgery (understatement of the year.)

We watched Napoleon Dynamite last night and laughed and laughed. "Gosh!"

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