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Tuesday, May 17 2005

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I went to the gym again today. I even sweated (is that a word?) a bit. Good for me. A bit over on calories today but not too bad.

Of the things I said I needed to do yesterday, I made a hair appointment. And I just found the Hyundai dealerships in the area and will make an appt tomorrow from work.

I'm wiped. Work is so busy right now. I'm proud of some work I done and some initiatives I've taken, which is a good feeling. I would like it to slow down just a bit, though.

Steve is home. It so good to see him and Ripple.

I think I'll take a shower.

I read an interesting article about women's mid life crisises (that aren't really crisises) but changes they go through. Very interesting. Women are so amazing. The article really dovetailed with what I heard about women not staying in top positions at companies not because they are discriminated against per se, but because they are bored. They say, "Is this it? I want more from my work." Men put up with it. Women don't. Anway - what an exciting time for women - we have choices and options and challenges never faced before in history in front of us. And I know we'll rise to the occaision. I may not :) but my sisters will.

Also read today that Barbara Bush and Laura Bush are both pro-choice. I didn't know that.

Okay - now for that shower, really.

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