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Wednesday, Jun 15 2005

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I had a wonderful, long talk with my mother who is visitng my grandma right now. I miss both of them. Can't wait to see Mom - she'll be coming to visit in early August before school starts up again for her. And then my sister will come visit. I'm so glad. I NEED to see them. We're planning to go to OKC for Christmas after the baby is born, which I'm already to looking forward to. Obviously not the OKC (not a big fan) part, but the family part.

Work is crazy, but energizing - at least today it was.

I haven't worked out this week and didn't last week, which I'm not terribly pleased with.

Haven't felt so dramatically upset in a several days, which is nice. I don't usually during the week. Its those darn weekends. Still - last weekend was better than the one before.

I have dentist appointment to get a filling in the morning, which wouldn't usually be cause for celebration, but since it means I get to sleep in an extra two hours, it is this week.

Its a lovely evening here - cool and clear.

I am having the hardest time waiting for next week to find out if its Ms. Walnut or Mr. Walnut. And now I'm starting to want to think about names. Hmmm.

I'm having a baby! Yippee!

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