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Monday, Jun 27 2005

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Just got home from Target and got drenched. Its raining cats and dogs. Fortunately I have to take a shower tonight anyway, so I'm happy to get wet. I got a few maternity things, looked longingly at the baby section, and resisted, and came home.

S is golfing, although I'm not sure how they are managing that given the weather. I'm glad he decided to go - an old friend is in town and I want S to have fun and be with his friends when he can and wants to.

Today was definitely a Monday at work - a bit rough and not entirely pleasant, but I'm assuming the rest of the week will smooth out.

S's mom left this morning. I'm glad she came and hope she had a good time. As I mentioned, she is a bit abrupt, but I'm sure her heart is in the right place. I hadn't realized what a buffer Noel (my FIL) is, though. He is a doll. S and I managed to sneak some alone time while she was here and that was very nice.

I went to the gym today - triumph of triumphs. It wasn't too bad. I certainly have toned down the intensity, but its motion, and that's good.

Ripple has her chin perched on the window sill, watching the rain. So cute.

I'm going to take a shower and put away some things and maybe have some ice cream, or something yummy. The lactose intolerance seems to have abated for now.

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