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Tuesday, Jun 28 2005

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Work is reasonable today for once. It feels strange. I'm doing my ludicriously necessary but utterly boring filing that the company would do well to examine its head for paying me what it does to do this task. I can't seem to get my mind working at anything more complex right now, though, so its probably all for the best.

Had lunch with my CFH and it was very pleasant. People who help you grow are often painful, I've found. I'm glad I'm learning and growing.

Baby walnut is 21.5 weeks. He is moving and jumping and dancing up a storm. His movements now feel like very forceful bubbles popping.

How strange that I can't think of much to write about. Either I'm tired (don't think so), I'm not full of angst (true), or...or what? I don't know.

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