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Tuesday, June 28th 2005

Work is reasonable today for once. It feels strange. I'm doing my ludicriously necessary but utterly boring filing that the company would do well to examine its head for paying me what it does to do this task. I can't seem to get my mind working at anything more complex right now, though, so its probably all for the best.

Had lunch with my CFH and it was very pleasant. People who help you grow are often painful, I've found. I'm glad I'm learning and growing.

Baby walnut is 21.5 weeks. ...

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Monday, June 27th 2005

Just got home from Target and got drenched. Its raining cats and dogs. Fortunately I have to take a shower tonight anyway, so I'm happy to get wet. I got a few maternity things, looked longingly at the baby section, and resisted, and came home.

S is golfing, although I'm not sure how they are managing that given the weather. I'm glad he decided to go - an old friend is in town and I want S to have fun and be with his friends when he can and wants to.

Today was definitely a Monday at wo...

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Sunday, June 26th 2005

Quick entry. S's mom is staying with us and is, of course, using the guest/computer room so I don't want to monopolize it. And we're going for a walk in minute.

It was good to have her here - she isn't very touchy-feely and can be a bit abrupt so its a bit of an adjustment, but she loves S and I and that is what matters. It makes me very anxious to see my family. Very.

We're still getting used to the idea of our baby boy and thinking about some about names. Nothing specific beyond the ...

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Friday, June 24th 2005

Walnut is a boy!!!!

He darling and perfect and very mobile. He wouldn't let go of his darling little wee-wee for a long time so we got to see him for while until he finally let go and the technician could get the picture. Is he a boy or what?!

His heart is amazing and we saw his little skeleton and fingers, and even the blood flow through the umbilical cord. Just amazing.

S is in shock as he was positive it was a girl so he's having to readjust his thinking. Either way - perfect!

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Thursday, June 23rd 2005

I continue to be just innundated at work. Its insane. Tomorrow is my big meeting to propose going part-time. Please let it go well.

S and I finally had a great talk about the way I've been feeling about not being a contributor to our household and it was very load-off-the-chesting. I explained how I felt, he explained how much he valued me working right now, that he will do whatever we need to to make ends meet when I go part time. That he is very willing to be more of a team vs individual ...

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