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Thursday, September 29th 2005

I ate better at lunch yesterday - I had a wonderful chef salad that had lots of protein, but too much fat, unfortunately. Then we had baby class that evening and people bring sweet things and I ate brownies for dinner. So, not a roaring success, but at least I got vegetables and protein in. Onwards and upwards today.

My friend Molly called yesterday after work to tell me she is pregnant - I'm so excited for her. Its in the water, I think.

Am a bit...unnerved this morning - I wonder if ...

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Wednesday, September 28th 2005

Short walk today - it was raining and Ripple isn't a big fan of the umbrella - I think she things its going to fall on top of me. Enough of a walk for her to get wet and muddy though on our construction-ridden streets. I found myself thinking/worrying about her getting walks during the winter and after the baby is here. S will make sure she gets enough exercise, I know, but I will miss the morning walks. But it will just be too cold for a baby to be outside so I don't think I can fit that into m...

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Tuesday, September 27th 2005

We walked for a bit longer today - 25 minutes. Our streets and sidewalks are being redone so its a bit of an obstacle course. Its getting pretty cool now in the mornings.

I started logging my food again - it was pretty funny that the first day I do this I eat a donut and Taco Bello and ice cream. Doesn't look very healthy, does it? I want to be in some kind of shape/pracitce to log/track religiously after the baby is born. This has been a great break for me, but I'm itching to get back to m...

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Monday, September 26th 2005

I truly don't have much time this morning. I went for a walk, which was about as lame a walk as I have managed yet. Only 20 minutes. But. I walked. The exercise is obviously not going to get me into the Mrs. (actually I can't be a Mrs.) America contest, so the benefit is me getting out and clearing my head and getting my blood moving and stretching my back and quality time with Ripple. Good enough reasons.

We went to WI for the weekend - to the cottage that my Grandma and Grandpa owned near...

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Wednesday, September 21st 2005

Going a bit slow this morning. We went for our walk, and walked about 5 minutes longer than usual. My body hurts, but not so much that I can't walk, just enough for me to notice. It seems to be mostly my hamstrings and lower back right now, rather than, say, my hips or knees. I haven't been doing any weights at all because I don't trust my joints right now.

I did take another bath last night and that was wonderful.

Work is crazy, as usual. I keep feeling like I almost catch up, but the...

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