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Wednesday, Sep 28 2005

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Short walk today - it was raining and Ripple isn't a big fan of the umbrella - I think she things its going to fall on top of me. Enough of a walk for her to get wet and muddy though on our construction-ridden streets. I found myself thinking/worrying about her getting walks during the winter and after the baby is here. S will make sure she gets enough exercise, I know, but I will miss the morning walks. But it will just be too cold for a baby to be outside so I don't think I can fit that into my mornings when I back at work. It will be challenging enough to fit in my own workout schedule.

Strange dreams - I had the I've-killed-some-fish dream again. What is it with fish dying? I'm fairly certain the real issue is me worrying about caring for walnut, but to the best of my self-knowledge, I'm pretty confident I can do that.

Baby class tonight. Number 4 of 6, so we're getting there. I'm going to work on our birth plan this week so I can take it into my OB for her review at my next appointment.

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