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Thursday, Sep 29 2005

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I ate better at lunch yesterday - I had a wonderful chef salad that had lots of protein, but too much fat, unfortunately. Then we had baby class that evening and people bring sweet things and I ate brownies for dinner. So, not a roaring success, but at least I got vegetables and protein in. Onwards and upwards today.

My friend Molly called yesterday after work to tell me she is pregnant - I'm so excited for her. Its in the water, I think.

Am a bit...unnerved this morning - I wonder if today might be an bit of an anxiety trip. I'll try to work to stay calm as long as I can. Being late won't help that.

I forgot to mention that while in WI, I had a full blown panic attack - S hadn't seen one that bad before and it was awful - I just cried and cried and moaned and then it passed. It wasn't fun for him - I can't imagine having to watch him go through something like that.

Its chilly here and I am not sure what to wear. I am so tired of my maternity clothes.

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