LYNNABEL's Oct 2005 CalorieKing Blog

Thursday, October 27th 2005


Can't sleep tonight either. This is getting a bit old. And it will get older, I'm sure. At least in a bit I'll have a baby to keep me sleepy company. Right now its just me and the cats. Fatty is staring up at me, purring, sweet thing, waiting for me to lean over and pet him. Nothin' like my kitties to make me feel loved.

My lips are chapped. And my teeth hurt. And my stomach is upset (that's code for gas). My breasts hurt.

Walnut is doing some major dancing for being so c...

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Monday, October 24th 2005

Two very wise, confident women shared the following things with me today:

"A lot of women will do anything to make themselves feel like better mothers, I've found this out in so many ways since my pregnancy. NO BIRTHING METHOD MAKES YOU ANY MORE VALID THAN ANOTHER. Trust me. Ultimately the decision is up to you how you plan to do every little thing in your child's life. But the most important thing when it comes to delivery is that your baby and you are safe, healthy, and happy...T...

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Sunday, October 23rd 2005

12 days until my due date.

Our friends had their baby last night and we went to see them at the hospital today - they are all doing incredibly well. Little Charlotte was so pretty and looked like a little burrito. Sue and Charlie were tired, but obviously happy. Their story was helpful - they were actually discouraged from coming in, which they shouldn't have been because she is Group B strep positive, so she needed an IV for at least 4 hours before birth. Well, when they came in, she alrea...

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Tuesday, October 18th 2005

4:02 am. Can't sleep again. Is this nature's way of preparing me for night feedings?

Had the special meeting with HR yesterday to review the '06 health care benefits since I may be out by the time the benefits meetings are held. In the space of 2 weeks (10/31 to 11/11) I need to get the baby on my current coverage and get disability leave as well as register all of us for next year. Not really want I want to do during my first week or so as a new mom, least I have health insurance....

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Sunday, October 16th 2005

Can't sleep. 3:52am. Lots on my mind. Thinking about the baby and, right now, how the first week or so home will be. I'm worried about feedings. I go for stretches of time thinking that all will be well, but then I remember I've had b/r surgery and that my supply may be (most likely is) compromised and I start to worry. Worrying doesn't help, but I'm too tired right now to rationalize my way through this.

Here is an odd thing - I'm worried about waking up S when the baby has to feed at nigh...

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