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Sunday, Oct 23 2005

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12 days until my due date.

Our friends had their baby last night and we went to see them at the hospital today - they are all doing incredibly well. Little Charlotte was so pretty and looked like a little burrito. Sue and Charlie were tired, but obviously happy. Their story was helpful - they were actually discouraged from coming in, which they shouldn't have been because she is Group B strep positive, so she needed an IV for at least 4 hours before birth. Well, when they came in, she already at 5 cm, so they ended up giving her an epidural, which, of course, slowed things down. She said the baby latched on right away, which I didn't really think about until S pointed out me later that it was good to hear about a baby latching on after an epidural, and it was so nice to see how much he had internalized the information I had shared with him. He said he didn't want me to be too hard on myself (ie an epidural isn't the end of the world). I promised to keep an open mind, which is something I've told myself from the beginning. If possible, I will avoid medication. If not, I won't. I just don't want to run the risk of anything getting in the way of breastfeeding.

I have a big day at work tomorrow - the woman everyone thinks will be our new supervisor starts, but they don't know about the re-org or my part in it yet. Neither does the woman starting tomorrow. She knows some things but not everything. My supervisor, Lori, told everyone last week that no one will be reporting to Shirley yet. That took the wind out of Lisa's sails, which I'm sorry to say, pleased me to no end. Anyway, the new person's immediate task will be to take over from me while I am gone. Lori asked me to be Shirley's trainer for the first several days, which is great because hopefully I can connect enough with her to establish something to build on when I get back to work after maternity leave.

S and I have had a few rough moments this weekend - I want so much for his real estate investing to pay off for him emotionally and professionally. I know how awkward he feels not having a traditional job. I can just tell it is really weighing on him - he's not sleeping well and is just distant sometimes. But I think he is doing the right thing for him - for his talents and interests. It just needs to start happening.

We had our neighborhood shower on Saturday and it was lovely - we laughed and laughed and had a wonderful dinner. People were so generous with their gifts and it was just very thoughtful. I saw some friends from my last company, and wow - do I miss them. Seriously. They are a group of people who just don't realize how special they are.

I did some damage at Target today - I essentially got everything left that we need for the baby. We are so ready. Packed, set up, and ready to go. I like being so ready. I have enough at work to distract me for the next how ever long.

Susie had an appt on Friday and she wasn't dilated at all. She had the baby by midnight on Saturday. So. There is hope even if I'm not dilated at my next appt.

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