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Monday, Nov 28 2005

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1:33am. Will is eating and dozing. He finally pooped (2x!) today - thank goodness for small miracles. He seems so much happier.

Yesterday we tracked how much he ate to figure out what percentage is my breast milk. We think yesterday he didn't eat as much as usual, but of that 43% was my milk. Pretty damn good. The bummer is that a) usually he eats more, so normally is probably more like 30%, which is still great, and b) as he eats more I will either have to pump more or accept a continually lowering percentage. I could fit in one more pump each day if I never go out, which I'm willing to do, but that will probably only yield an additional 1 ounce per day...

Oh, he's such an angel sleeping my arms. His little mouth is pursed and his hands are crossed on his chest. His fat little cheeks are smushed up against his shoulders - cheek-in-the-eye, S and I call it. (He isn't fat anywhere but his cheeks). His little nose and chin look like tiny little balls.

I'd better put him in his crib and go back to sleep myself.

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