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Sunday, November 20th 2005

What a long day this has been. Its only 3pm, but I've been awake essentially since midnight last night. Will would not fall asleep for more than 20-30 minutes. I should be napping right now but I'm just not sleepy. I tried earlier in the day - after S got up - but I just couldn't sleep. It has to hit me sometime.

He is stirring right now so I may need to run shortly. He needs a bath today.

I spoke harshly to Will last night and I still cry thinking about it. I felt, and feel, deeply up...

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Saturday, November 19th 2005

Its 5:19am. Will has been up 3 times already. No fussing or extended awake periods the last two days, but this is the price. He is so precious, though. When he falls asleep, his practice grins are just so breath-taking. S and I can't believe how strong he is - he is holding his head up so well, and when we put him on his elephant mat for tummy time, he came so close to turning over because he'd gotten himself propped up on his arms and knees. Obviously this was an accident, but he showed such co...

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Friday, November 18th 2005

Its Friday. I keep having to remind myself what day of the week it is since I don't have work to tell me!

Will is doing well - yesterday he spent lots of time on his tummy (from what I understand, all babies are now supposed to sleep on their backs because of SIDS so they need to have "tummy time" to compensate for that. I have to laugh a bit, because we put Joel to bed on his tummy all the time. Oh well.) He is looking around and registering sounds and lifting his head up. His BM...

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Wednesday, November 16th 2005

I don't want to fall back in the trap of journalling only when I'm frustrated. In fact, this is a reminder to copy all of the updates I do on Will in the Preggers thread to my journal and to get that into my Word document sometime this week.

But. I'm so frustrated. Mad. I don't know why, specifically - I just feel drained. Will is awake for such a long stretch in the evenings - from around 4 to at least 10 and although he isn't fussy the whole time, he is fussy some of the time. And I just ...

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Monday, November 14th 2005

This is hard. Being a stay-at-home mother - wonderful, but hard. I don't know quite how to explain it. I'm not sad, or not exclusively sad, but very raw. I started crying thinking about S being gone for the afternoon. And how much I love Will. I have a panicky period usually in the early evenings. I asked Steph to help me with ideas of what to do - how to handle those times. I don't know what is best. I exercised for 5 minutes on the Elipse today. That was hard. Its been so long since I've done ...

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