LYNNABEL's Dec 2005 CalorieKing Blog

Thursday, December 29th 2005

I don't have much time to write right now - Will needs to wake up before he sleeps too long. I got home today - I spent 5 days in OKC with my family. My sister and grandma flew in, so we were full-up.

A few good things - I got 2 hours of me time every day - besides S, I don't feel comfortable leaving Will with anyone except my mom and sister - and they were great. Will did well on the airplanes and I did well being his only parent for those days. I felt good - secure and confident in my rol...

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Wednesday, December 21st 2005

Will has taken to loud "talking" and grunting in his sleep, which is very hard for me to ignore at night. I am awakened, lay there trying to judge what his talking and grunts are saying (dreaming, learning, pooping, boredom, hunger, etc.) and then I end up getting up, waking him up regardless of what he meant, and feeding him. I wish I could sleep through the conversation until it gets to the point that it requires my input.

Did you know babies learn in their sleep? Studies have s...

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Monday, December 19th 2005

I had lunch with a coworker today - it was good to see her, but wow - she is burnt out. She says the department is crazy depressing right now with the layoffs. I, personally, think she is just way more charitable than she needs to be. The people leaving (being layed off) never thought about her workload or even how her work fit into the work of the department. I'm thinking specifically of my CWFH, who is just a horrid person and I'm really and truly thankful that I won't have to work with her an...

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Saturday, December 17th 2005

Sigh. Another checkin without sucess - and actually up a pound. I layed in bed last night and thought, "What is the worse that could happen at checkin tomorrow and how will you deal with it if it does?" And the worst came true, and the way I will deal with it is to drop my calories to 1400. My milk supply is very close to gone - if I get two ounces a day I'll be lucky, so dropping calories isn't going to ruin my supply since its nearly gone anyway.

Obviously my current calorie lev...

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Thursday, December 15th 2005

12:51 am

Will's little hands break my heart sometimes - they're so vulnerable in their gestures and such a barometer of how he's feeling. Clenching and relaxing, waving and pausing, curling and flopping and resting.

He's getting a tad pudgy - its very cute. His little legs are rounding out a bit. I love when he sticks them out straight - like little boards and grunts. Except he can't quite get them straight b/c of all the diaper bunched up between them.

He's getting dimples above ...

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