LYNNABEL's Feb 2006 CalorieKing Blog

Saturday, February 25th 2006

15 lbs left. Why does that seem like more work and further away than 22 + lbs?

Monday, February 20th 2006

Just got back from Duluth - we had a great time. S and I finally had the talk we've needed to have for ages and ages. We were more honest with each other and ourselves than we have been in a long time. It was a very constructive talk in that we decided on some set ways we can handle the instances that cause us so much pain - meaning, we committed to trying a method to see if would help. I'm glad.

I had a flash of realization during our conversation - I have not become as self-LESS or as los...

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Saturday, February 18th 2006

Its 7:43 am and Will is still sleeping. I'm glad for him. Apparently he didn't nap very well yesterday for Steve.

This was a horrible week. Work was very full and stressful. Some good things, but mostly tonage. Friday was Lisa's last day and THANK. GOD. I don't know that I've ever disliked another human being as much as I dislike her. Good riddance to bad rubbish. or luggage. I can't remember how the phrase goes.

Things at home were very stressful. I don't even know where I'd begin to ...

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Sunday, February 12th 2006

I'm so frustrated. Someone in my life has thrown his back out. Which was not unexpected or unavoidable - this someone decided it would be a good idea to play racket ball for the first time in YEARS after a week where he was a lot of back pain. He has been crippled since Saturday morning. And I while I felt badly for him, my pity and my goodwill has run out. A) He bit my head off when I suggested that someone else who can actually WALK watch a certain child tomorrow and for as long as needed unti...

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Saturday, February 11th 2006

I wish I had more time to be part of this community and the others on line that I value so much ( :hi: campers) - I think about everyone often, but work is extremely busy and when I'm home, I'm with Will.

I have a moment right because I'm going to shower before S goes out to play racket ball.

I'm down another 2 lbs - yipee! This was a bit unexpected as this week wasn't perfect. I missed two morning workouts and my cals, which I've been bad about actually getting them logged into CK (I kno...

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