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Sunday, Feb 12 2006

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I'm so frustrated. Someone in my life has thrown his back out. Which was not unexpected or unavoidable - this someone decided it would be a good idea to play racket ball for the first time in YEARS after a week where he was a lot of back pain. He has been crippled since Saturday morning. And I while I felt badly for him, my pity and my goodwill has run out. A) He bit my head off when I suggested that someone else who can actually WALK watch a certain child tomorrow and for as long as needed until said child's primary care taker can, oh, MOVE. (By the by, I am so sick of the implication that if you don't mind someone else watching your child you are a horrible parent.) B) I've had no time to myself this weekend. This is selfish, I know - but I really don't have any time to myself. Maybe 20 minutes a day. C) He won't go to an actual doctor - just the chiro. Who can certainly do some things, but can't prescribe Percocet, which is what he needs. D) I am very tired of choosing my words so carefully to avoid his flare ups. He is very unhappy right now and so very unpleasant as a result. But he won't talk about it, and he won't let me comfort him. So I have to let it go. I'm tired of it and him right now. And I don't enjoy venting here, but I'd rather do this than be mean to him. I don't know if what I'm doing is any better, but I have to treat him the way I wish he'd treat me. ie politely.

Oy (as Rev says) I'm starting to feel sorry for myself, so I'm going to cut this short.

In happier news, Will rolled over today! I couldn't believe how quickly it happened - one minute he was on his stomach - the next he was on his back. He hasn't repeated it, but wow! I've had a great weekend with Will.

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