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Thursday, Jul 6 2006

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So - remember my ranting about my pregnancy weightthat wouldn't budge? Well, all but 5lbs of it has come off. Which is wonderful.

But - (there has to be one, right?) - I'm TONS less muscular than my 135 prior to Will, and I feel/sense that if I don't get the last 5 off before I get pregnant again (which makes me want to hurl to think about right at this moment) it won't ever come off.

At different points of this process of losing (both prior to and after Will), different things have been challening.

Right now I have two challenge areas: weekends and working out.

I think I have the working out thing back in swing now that we are moved and our equipment is set up here at the new house. I still can't do the weight machine (its broken), but I do have free weights. I'm guessing I'll need a good 4 weeks of 4-5x a week to feel/see a difference. (I took about a month off prior to the move, and a month off after the move, so I've lost some ground).

The weekends are more difficult. Usually I allow myself one "free" day, which, when I'm fairly close to perfect the rest of week, works out well and allows me a day of freedom but enough of an overall deficient to still lose weight. Its not a 3000 calorie binge day, but it might reach 2000. That day isn't hard (obviously). Its the non-free day that is rough. Traditionally, the non free day has been Sunday, b/c my weigh in is on Saturday mornings, so I like for my free day to be as far ahead of my weight as is possible. I think it still needs to be that way. I just need to log and plan and make up my mind to do it.

Writing this out helps me focus a bit.

I have an event coming up at the end of August that will be a nice goal point for 5 lbs lost. It allows me about .5 per week, which is probably doable, assuming my body continues to behave as it has.

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