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Tuesday, Aug 8 2006

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I'm going to sneak 10 minutes post work out while Will is still sleeping to write a note in here. This moment is unheard of. Even if I can begin my workout alone, he always wakes up part way through. Who would have thunk that a workout alone would become a luxury?! Appreciate it, people! :) I didn't.

Continued weight loss is going slowly. I plateaued for 4 weeks after steadily losing, then lost 3 pounds last week. ?! My measurements are okay but still a far cry from my lowest. Keep on keeping on. Technically only 2 lbs to go.

S and I are doing very well. We are wrapped up in planning for the future lately, which, I have to say, is a fun change for us. S is very much of a "for the moment/in the moment" kind of person, so I don't usually have company for my "live in the future" mindset.

Will was sick on Sunday night - he threw up and had a temp of 102. This was our first experience with a sick baby and it was hard. S made me go to bed, which I had mixed feelings about. I made for it, though, (in my own mind) by cuddling him to sleep last night for two hours since he was so touchy.

Work rules all other areas of my mind - I got an incredible retention bonus designed to make sure I don't leave the company in a true quandry whith Shirley leaving. Shirley and I were the only people out of hundreds listed as "non dispensible" by HR. That is funny on so many levels.

I think I hear Will, so I'm going to go get coffee and finish starting my morning.

I think about my CK friends often and I wish I could check in with you more.

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