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Tuesday, Sep 25 2007

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I have that nauseous feeling you get when you are up too early but couldn’t go back to sleep even if you tried.

During this last stretch of pregnancy with Will I remember that my anxiety levels ratcheted up and I lost some (okay, all) ability to manage stress successfully. I’m certainly experiencing that now. Mostly work-related. Actually, all work-related. As unpopular a position as this is for me - I think my only focus can be just gutting it out. There is little constructive I can do other than be aware of it, and try to manage my behavior so as not to get fired.

Will and I had such a wonderful weekend together. I missed him so much yesterday while I was at work. I cite as a significant accomplishment that I got both of us out of the door on Sunday morning for church in. an. hour. I believe, your honor, this is of moment because a) we both had to eat, b) we both had to get dressed, c) I had to curl my hair, d) the dog had to be let out and encouraged to poop, and (most significantly) e) Will had about 174 melt-downs along the way. I didn’t lose my cool - I was responsive to but not enabling of his tantrums and he ended up having one of his best days yet at the nursery. The nursery attendant said that Will held the hand of a little boy who couldn't stop crying, and comforted him. The weekend went a long ways towards re-establishing some of my confidence as a mother.

I get to go to Indy for Thanksgiving! I’m so excited. I had been trying to convince my mother to join me there with my grandma since I probably won’t be able to see my grandma for quite some time, and for a while my mother didn’t think she could do it - but now, the whole fam-damily will be there. Yipee!

I gained 7 lbs since my last doctor’s appt. Yikes. My appetite has been very reasonable, so I know its not from over-eating. Turtle is getting big. I begin the every-two-week appointments now. I found myself focusing on thin women at church - and began to look forward to the process of losing the baby weight and getting in shape again. Well, if not looking forward to the process, at least to the end result.

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a decade ago

Congrats on getting to church in an hour. That's major. :) ... Glad that the whole family will be together for Thanksgiving. Sounds nice.