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Thursday, Sep 27 2007

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Okay. I've been trying not to dwell on it today, but I give up. I'm downright uncomfortable. I do not know what Turtle is doing, but she is pushing on areas that I didn't know could feel anything. Ugh. I keep telling myself to ignore it, but its getting difficult. The heartburn alone is non-stop.

Will is in the bathtub right now, and I have the lap top in the bathroom with us. He always requests a "baf" after going to the park. He says, "Baf. Make bubbuls." When I come in the door from work, he says, "Huggamama!" What else, lately? "Kay-fuh" = careful. "Sook" = scoop.

This week was incredibly draining at work. I did have a good staff meeting with my team today, though, so it was nice to end up on a positive note. Not that Thursday is the end of the workweek, but it felt like it should have been Friday.

This morning as I was driving into work, the scenery was gorgeous. There was some fog in the low-lying areas of the MN valley, the harvest moon was still up and huge, and the rising sun was making pastel colors on the clouds.

I have my doctor's appointments scheduled through the rest of the pregnancy. It was good to get them on the calendar, although the selection to choose from was limited, even going out as far as November/December. If I didn't like my OB so much, I'd be frustrated.

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a decade ago

I just love reading your "life according to Will" stories. You make Mommyhood sound so wonderful and rewarding.




a decade ago

I just noticed that there is a new member on CK named 'TurtlesMom'. =D I of course totally thought of you. :kiss:

by CBL



a decade ago

:kiss: It's getting to that time in the pregnancy, isn't it? :love: Just remember that it's temporary. Trevor wants a bath with bubbles as well, and doesn't even ask for a bath anymore. He just says, "Bubboool, Mom-Mom?"

by CBL