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40 Workdays...

Monday, October 29th 2007

So I figured out that I have 40 workdays left until my maternity leave – 51 days total. That sounds SO long to me right now. I can’t concentrate, I spend most of the mornings yawning or fighting heartburn or trying to convince myself that my general malaise here at work is due to pregnancy more than anything else. I worry that I’m failing my team. My horror is to be the type of manager that everyone around him/her doesn’t think deserves to be a manager. This is my fear because I think that o...

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Land of 10,000 Meetings

Thursday, October 25th 2007

I have about 10,000 meetings today so I need to take a moment to catch up here before I’m buried.

S threw his back out again on Monday evening. He had been doing some heavy yard work and then volunteered with me in the nursery at MOPS, but partway through he just seized up – it was cartoon-ish the way his spine twisted. I stayed home from work on Tuesday, except to run in to the office with Will to get my computer so I could work a bit from home. Will was a huge hit with my coworkers – a...

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Saturday, October 20th 2007

I have thought several times over the past few days about writing in here and I hesitated to because I felt like I would spending time angsting over Will, and I'm not sure I want this to be a place to record my frustrations with Will. I hesitated because one general goal I have for myself as a parent is to try to minimize negativity in general. I feel that way because although I know my parents loved (and love) me, I remember long, long stretches of childhood where life seemed just plain old unp...

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Wednesday, October 17th 2007

Its 2:40am and I'm not asleep. This makes me anxious because I can't say I have always enough stamina to finish the day with 8 hours of sleep, much less with 3. This has happened a few times now over the past month or so. I'm not particularly uncomfortable physically when I wake up so I don't think its that - I do know my mind is going a mile a minute and I can't turn it off.

I saw the doctor yesterday. The weight seems to be piling on, which isn't because of my eating habits. I worry about...

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Thursday, October 11th 2007

So. The good news is that I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and the placenta has moved away from the birth canal, so I no longer have placenta previa. Which means certain (ahem) activities are open to me (and S) again. And Turtle is definitely still a girl. Who chews on her feet a lot. The bad news is that I’m anemic and I have to have the 3-hour glucose test. The anemia is easy to address with iron supplements, but maybe that has been a factor in my fatigue/irritability? The 3-hour glucose test i...

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