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Thursday, Oct 11 2007 - ding-ding-DONG

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So. The good news is that I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and the placenta has moved away from the birth canal, so I no longer have placenta previa. Which means certain (ahem) activities are open to me (and S) again. And Turtle is definitely still a girl. Who chews on her feet a lot. The bad news is that I’m anemic and I have to have the 3-hour glucose test. The anemia is easy to address with iron supplements, but maybe that has been a factor in my fatigue/irritability? The 3-hour glucose test is just annoying. It was only 4 points above where it should be, and I didn’t have a problem with Will, so I have a hard time imagining that I’m really developing gestational diabetes. I keep thinking of the women who work at (say) McDonald’s or who don’t have their own transportation – how do they accommodate ALL these pre-natal appointments? I suppose the answer is either a) with great difficulty or b) they don’t. There are so many socio economic effects on prenatal health.

Last night Will was able to start pre-empting some of the words to our goodnight songs. I was very impressed. He makes me laugh when he sings “ding-ding-dong” from “Are You Sleeping?” (In fact, he’s so observant, he doesn’t like me to insert “Brother William” for “Brother John.”) He says the “ding-ding-dong” with a huge emphasis on “DONG” after multiple "ding"s. He also requested “Ha-wa, ha-wa, touch twee” which is from “The Ants Go Marching” (hurrah, hurrah, the ants go marching 3 by 3, the little one stopped to touch a tree).

S and I were talking about how hard it is to be patient with Will when he is pushing our buttons because we expect so much from him. I know most parents are convinced their children are especially smart, observant, gifted, etc., but I feel like we expect SO much from Will (who is, we try to remind ourselves, NOT EVEN TWO YEARS OLD) because he is capable of SO much in terms of self-management. It’s a balancing act to not lower our standards for him but also be realistic about how much self control he can exhibit at this age. Or, as S said (tongue in cheek), “Its his fault I’m so hard on him.”

Today is a long day for me. So here I go.

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a decade ago

YEA! For cooperative placentas..... I hope you & S have fun tonight! :eyebrows: I had P.P. with Cal & am curious to see where it my placenta is on the 23rd.... I am afraid I may be doing things I shouldn't be.... And, I hate playing the "ignorance is bliss" game when it comes to my unborn child.....




a decade ago

Rev made me come over here to see what she had to say about baby books! So glad that I stopped by! Will IS amazing..that's pretty cool stuff for a not-even-two-yet year old! =D




a decade ago

Have I mentioned my unabashed crush on your son? Geezopete. And? Steve's comment is hilarious - It's his fault I'm so hard on him. That needs to be in Will's baby book. =D

by REV



a decade ago

I've gone through the same thing as far as high expectations. It's very difficult to keep your head in reality when they actually "act their age" as far as having a meltdown or being resistant to something new. It's also one of the reasons I'm really wanting to get Raziel into school next year. I don't want her to feel she's failing me if she has a hard time with a particular subject. .../// I love Will's enthusiasm for singing. :heart1: