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Wednesday, Oct 17 2007

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Its 2:40am and I'm not asleep. This makes me anxious because I can't say I have always enough stamina to finish the day with 8 hours of sleep, much less with 3. This has happened a few times now over the past month or so. I'm not particularly uncomfortable physically when I wake up so I don't think its that - I do know my mind is going a mile a minute and I can't turn it off.

I saw the doctor yesterday. The weight seems to be piling on, which isn't because of my eating habits. I worry about it in conjunction with the potential for gestational diabetes. Although I have no risk factors for GD, my 1-hour glucose came back positive and I won't know until next week if that's going to be an issue for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm dreading both the 3 hour test and the results. On the positive side, Turtle is healthy and the c-section is finally officially scheduled for December 26, 2007 at 7:30am! Yippee! I love having that date to plan around.

My new employee started on Monday. He will do very well, and I’m so appreciative of that, but training can be draining and intense, on top of a number of projects that don’t seem to get themselves finished and put away. I can't remember if I mentioned in here that I was informed (not consulted) (neither was my director) that I would be acquiring an employee from the company that has acquired us as a member of my team. This is problematic for a variety of reasons, but the issue at the top of the concern list is that she has managed to gather and display enough baggage before even accepting the position that I'm becoming decidedly unenthusiastic about her joining my team. Does she have some knowledge we need? Absolutely. But the fact remains that she would not qualify for the position if she came in off of the street and yet she has STILL managed to indicate she is unimpressed that she hasn’t been offered a promotion or raise. I’m so confounded when people demonstrate a sense of entitlement in the work place without any backup/justification/etc. I think its why, although I’m decidedly left-leaning, I am not necessary an avid union-supporter. Another reason I’ve got warning bells going off about this situation is that I have another employee who has not demonstrated performance issues yet, but has demonstrated some unhelpful attitudes about her role. Again without displaying ANY type of self-initiated solutions/suggestions/etc. Perhaps I’m just a curmudgeon, but I don’t see it to my role as a manager to dream up opportunities for people to be “not bored.” I DO see it as my role to assign them to projects/workstreams as legitimate business needs arise and where I think they will succeed. I DO see it as my role to support and champion them in any self-initiated efforts to expand their skills. I have a meeting tomorrow (oops, today) with my director and a member of HR to finalize the acquired-employee offer and expectation setting. We’ll see.

Will is definitely almost 2. He is exhibiting some behaviors that are hard to accept. When I’m around, and S is on the floor playing with him, Will has become aggressive (hitting/throwing things) towards S and then looks to me for a reaction. I love Will, but anyone hurting S or taking advantage of his good and generous heart, makes my own heart hurt (literally). S and I talked about a bit tonight, and decided that, at a minimum, he would get up and walk away the moment Will displays any hitting or throwing of objects towards him. On the one hand, I think Will should be able to handle S and I together. On the other, I suspect this is mainly a developmental stage issue he is undergoing and as such will have a limited life-cycle. S reassured me that he is, in general, okay with it all since they have such a good relationship during the day and while one-on-one, but that he was so glad to “be so much in [my] heart.”

Will and I had a little playdate/birthday party event last Saturday with the 4 women and toddlers that we have known (and been having playdates with) since Will was born. It was fun. I enjoy them so much.

We bought a dresser and a roll top desk off of Craig’s List. We have the dresser already and the roll top is coming on Thursday. At that point, we can move the computer to the family room fireplace nook and start converting the office room to a temporary baby room. Can’t wait. Although I’m not in serious nesting mode, I’m definitely ready to do SOMETHING baby-wise.

Have I mentioned I can’t wait for maternity leave?

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a decade ago

Being out of the office-BS loop for so long, I have no wise words to offer, but I love the picture of you as a curmudgeon. :D ...// The 3-hour test isn't bad if you have a good phlebotomist doing the draws. GD is a PITA, but it can be controlled with diet in some cases. It's hard to cut every bit of sugar out, but it can be done and it's temporary. I managed it from the Monday after Thanksgiving till February 22nd. Don't fret about it, Lynn. All will be well no matter what. :)




a decade ago